Get on the Graffiti Train

I admit - I was attracted to this one for my train obsessed four year old. However, I think that the Graffiti Train is a better fit for adults and teenagers (even though he thought it was really cool). The solid white vinyl train arrives ready for you to customize it with your creativity. It comes with ready to stick graffiti and tag decals so that you can vandalize this train car without fear of any reprimand. Finding a unique gift can be tough and if you take a moment to check out SUCK UK - you will discover that the Graffiti Train is just one of the wonderfully uncommon gifts they have to offer. I also love the cat play house, clocky, and my sister would love the gun vase!
  • Wrap it up: These gifts are so unique that all they need is some gift wrap to get the job done.
  • Age: Teen+
  • Price: $33
  • Where to buy: SUCK UK

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