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Although this isn't your typical stocking stuffer, it is something I am sure the recipient will use. They'll definitely use it a whole lot more than the goofy pair of socks you were planning on putting in their stocking. Magnapods are magnetic plastic cosmetic organizers that will work wonders on your medicine cabinet. You can't really store lipstick, q-tips, makeup brushes, even mascara easily in a medicine cabinet. They roll and they take up way to much space when you have to lay them flat. Magnapods allow you to contain your cosmetics in an upright easy to locate way. You can even purchase them with fixed dividers or with adjustable dividers. It makes getting ready easier and the search for your mascara greatly abbreviated. You can also get a magnetic toothbrush holder. I am loving this invention - it makes your toothbrush easy to locate and keeps it out of the sink area. I hate that we store our toothbrushes right next to the place we wash our dirty hands and groom ourselves. Surely some of that gunk winds up on our vulnerable toothbrush. You can keep it stored away with the magnapod.
  • Wrap it up: Please let me find some of these in my stocking instead of tons of candy. I love candy, yes, but it would be much better for my figure and my organizational skills if we went with something different this year.
  • Price Tag: $3.99+
  • Where to buy: Magnapods

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