Ann B. Dextrous

Don't let the name stump you. This motor developing toy is seriously cool for your little one. It is made for children 3 months to 3 years and it will actually adapt depending on the age of your child. The built in clock can be set to automatically adjust settings as baby gets older. This toy never gets old because it is constantly changing. All my 15 month old cares about is balls, golf clubs, and toys with buttons to push. The 21 knobs, buttons, toggles and switches on Ann B. Dextrous are right up his alley. He loves to push, pull, yank, bop, and twist the various items. It also lights up and plays sounds/music - my son is entranced. Th pop up tower was an unexpected surprise to my little guy. He was very excited to discover even more things to push & fiddle with! There are also built in games like shape sorting and find the color, so your child can learn why they play. As for my thoughts - I just love that it keeps him entertained and I can see the giggles & excitement in his face!
  • Wrap it up: Make sure to get batteries ahead of time so that the fun can begin immediately. I would suggest putting them in before wrapping and going ahead and programming your child's age.
  • Age: 3 months - 3 years
  • Price Tag: $59.95
  • Where to buy: Discovery Store

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