It's ok to have a convo with your watch

Every since my son saw Home Alone he has been really obsessed with spy gear. I'm not totally sure why since Home Alone isn't quite James Bond but maybe he is just preparing for the possibility of intelligence challenged home invaders. He loves to booby trap, "sneak around", and pretend to be a secret agent. The FRS Walkie Talkie Watch Set is like his dream come true. In the eyes of a little guy this is like getting real spy gear. The age recommendation is 8+ but I found my 4 year old had no trouble using them. They don't even require you to push a button to talk - the VOX autotalk technology knows when you are speaking. This makes them much easier to use than your standard walkie talkie. They have up to mile and a half range plus impressive sound quality. My son loved that it also worked as a watch, would light up when he wanted it to, and the earbuds that came with it for secretive listening. He wears this watch everywhere and at night he want his dad to wear one to bed too. I like the way if he and I both wear one I can say"what are you up to?" and he will feel the power of mom anywhere in the house. This is a really fun and unique toy. Secret Agents rejoice - this one if for you!
  • Warp it up: Any good spy should also have some binoculars or ultra dark shades. Put together a spy supply kit and watch how much fun they have as they go undercover.
  • Age: 8+
  • Price Tag: $29.95
  • Where to buy: Discovery Store

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