Extend your maternity wardrobe with TummyTie

This is such a genius invention for anyone expecting. It reminds me of a trick I have been using to wear the pants I can't fit into - I would use a hair rubber band to hold my pants together. While it did the trick it was very uncomfortable and prone to snapping when I bent over. Nothing like launching a rubber band from your waist as you struggle to avoid over exposing yourself! The TummyTie functions in the same way except you no longer have any embarrassing malfunctions. It will allow you to wear you pre-preggo jeans for the majority of your pregnancy. It might even save you from buying any new maternity bottoms all together. As long as there is a button to hold together you can use the TummyTie. What a brilliant way to save money and still use the pants that fit you best! I would much rather invest money in high quality non-pregnancy pants and purchase a set of TummyTies. Although I am not expecting I use the TummyTie all the time to get into the jeans that used to fit me before I had my second child. I refuse to give up the hope that they will someday button and buy a pair that actually does. The TummyTie keeps them on comfortably and no-one knows the difference (except for those of your reading this). When you order your TummyTie it actually comes with three (2 black and 1 white - one of the blacks is larger). The cost is only about $16 plus shipping and trust me you cannot find a good pair of maternity pants for that. You can find out more and order your own online at TummyTie.Best Blogger Tips

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