Leonor Greyl's Magnolia

We picked Leonor Greyl's Huile De Magnolia as the best way to beat dry skin. The reason why is because we were blown away with the way it protected and nourished our skin. It's blend of botanical oils is filled with Vitamin A and it holds the delicate scent of the magnolia blossom. You can use the oil on both your face and body to neutralize the drying effects of water and sunlight. It made our skin feel so smooth, soft, and dare we say glowing!

Another notable product from Leonor Greyl is the Huile de Palme. This miracle oil will detangle, soften, and protect your hair. You just apply it evenly from root to ends before shampooing. Leave it on for at least 10 minutes or up to the entire night. I tried it for the whole night and once I washed & dried my hair I was amazed with the results. My hair looked less damaged and so healthy. The oil had given it such shine too! Leonor Greyl has so many wonderful beauty options to choose from. To see them all and to find out where to buy - visit Leonor Greyl.Best Blogger Tips

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Cat said...

Love this stuff, great for dry feet and better yet makes your legs glow for a cocktail party and you want your slin to shimmer from head to toe....no need for perfume this is a sexy suddle fragrance!

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