Hana Mini - smaller can be better

We chose the Hana Mini as the Best Flat Iron - we were just so amazed at the results delivered from something so small. The portability to this professional straightener makes it easy to use anywhere. You could just keep it in your purse and it would take up minimal space. It heats up to 410 degrees and straightener all our of our hair flawlessly. A really unique feature about the Hana Mini is that it has retractable plates that allow it to become the same size as a full length straightener. We would probably buy just based on the compact size and cute carrying case (with built in heat resistant mat) - lucky for us it is also SO much better than any flat iron we have used in the past. The ceramic & tourmaline plates give your hair a high shine and they actually condition your hair. The Hana Mini is impressive - no doubt about it. Two products that are a must have for your new Hana Mini is the Shineshield and the Styling Iron Cleaner. Shineshield is an lightweight leave in treatment that protects your hair from heat styling and UV rays. It will leave your hair soft and strengthen it too! The Styling Iron Cleaner is the best way to extend the life of your flat iron. How many times have you used styling products and then noticed the junky residue on your flat iron. This non-toxic cleaner will remove build up and prolong the life of your hair. You can get all of this and more by visiting here.Best Blogger Tips

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