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Kit + Lili makes me ache for a little lady to clothe. Don't get me wrong their boy clothing is adorable but once you see the beautiful dresses and patterns in the girls section you'll see what I mean. Kit + Lili compromises nothing when it comes to the quality of their collection. All of the clothing is pre-washed & pre-shrunk. Once you feel the soft fabric you can easily tell it is made to endure. I love their unique prints and cuts. The dresses are so beautiful! I am also obsessed with their rompers. Boy or girl - the rompers are so cute. I have a soft spot for kids clothing and when I see items like the owl chocolate romper I just can't say no. You really need to take a moment to check out this gorgeous collection. I can guarantee you that there is nothing out there like it. In addition to clothing you'll also find they offer cushions, bags and some uber cute toys. One of my boys is definitely getting a Kit + Lili frog for the holidays. You can shop and see it all online at Kit + Lili - it is the perfect place to find a holiday dress for your little princess too!Best Blogger Tips


Emily B said...

I love the horse at

I'd totally pick the owl romper in 3-6 months - it reminds me of Brownies when I was a little girl :) so cute!

ebickell at hotmail dot com

Carrie said...

I like the http://www.kitlili.com/products/lucie-dress-cherry-blossom-in-cherry-and-crimson dress.

i'd pick the pink hearts romper!

adorablyconfused at hotmail dot com

Xenia said...

I love this dress: http://www.kitlili.com/products/phoebe-dress-chrysanthemum-in-black-navy-and-ivory

I would choose the pink hearts romper. Cute!

xpbloch at juno dot com

windycindy said...

The Field of Flowers Romper is my favorite item! I would love t win the Owl Romper, if I am luck enough.
Many thanks to you.....Cindi

graphic i said...

my favorite item would have to be the elephant toy, although it was a tough choice

i would pick the owl romper - my neighbor is having a little girl and would LOVE this!

sp82877 at yahoo dot com

bison61 said...

I like the Charlotte top
I'd pick the pink hearts romper

tiramisu392 (at)yahoo.com

alissa4illustration said...

My favorite item is: phoebe dress / chrysanthemum in black, navy and ivory

I'd like to win: An owl chocolate romper in size 3/6 months.

alissa 4 illustration at hotmail dot com

Pam said...

I love the: cherry blossom dress http://www.kitlili.com/products/jane-dress-cherry-blossom-in-cherry-and-crimson

I'd pick the hearts romper in 6-12 months.

melacan at hotmail dot com

Anonymous said...

http://www.kitlili.com/products/romper-field-of-flowers... I really like the field of flowers romper and would love to win the owl romper!

Anonymous said...


and I would love to win the field of flowers!


AshleeWith2Es said...

Love the Lucie Dress:

Owl Chocolate Romper

ashleestuci at gmail dot com

moushka said...

My fave is the lucie dress / cherry blossom in cherry and crimson.

I would choose: pink hearts romper in size 6/12 months

Email is clickable.

mean green mom said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
mean green mom said...

opps i have to repost- i picked the wrong romper ;)..ok my pick would be for the pink hearts romper.
My fave thing from this shop is the awesome red dress- seen here: http://www.kitlili.com/products/lucie-dress-cherry-blossom-in-cherry-and-crimson

Meg said...

The Jane dress is so unique!http://www.kitlili.com/products/jane-dress-waves-in-black-and-ivory
I would love to win the owl romper. Thanks!

Beth said...

My oldest daughter would look fab in:

Alivia wears a size 6-12 mths so we would go with the pink hearts romper.

babysmamatimes3 at yahoo.com


Kathleen W. said...

You're right, the dresses are gorgeous! And I too wish I had a little girl to dress them in.

I do like their bags and toys too, especially http://www.kitlili.com/products/elephant

I'd go for the mini dots in chocolate romper

CanCan (Mom Most Traveled) said...

I would like the owl chocolate romper.
I love the owl floor cushion, too: http://www.kitlili.com/products/floor-cushion-owl-in-chocolate

onlycancan ta hotmail tod com

Anonymous said...

I like the Lucie dress

owl romper


Justine M. said...

I like the piggy http://www.kitlili.com/products/pig

I'd like to win the pink hearts romper in size 6/12mo for my daughter


marybelle said...

I just love the Flying Birds Blanket.

I would love the pink hearts romper.


Peggy said...

My favorite is lila dress / little polka dots in purple and pink ,so pretty!!
My favorite romper is the A owl chocolate romper in size 3/6 months
so sweet!

childofjehovah said...

My favorite is the red dress here: http://www.kitlili.com/products/lucie-dress-cherry-blossom-in-cherry-and-crimson. My little angel would wear about 24 months.


Tracy said...

The owl chocolate romper would be my pick. You are so right about their little lothes...I have never seen such cute prints! ONE of my favorites is the cherry blossom dress. It's so unique! http://www.kitlili.com/products/jane-dress-cherry-blossom-in-cherry-and-crimson


oh_snap! said...

I'd love the owl chocolate romper!


Andi said...

I love the wooden robot!

I'd pick the hearts romper.

Dani said...

I love this onesie:


Bonita12 said...

I would choose the owl in chocolate romper.

I also like the stuffed animal: horse.

bwalker1123 at gmail dot com

Anonymous said...

ADore the Jane Dress with waves in black-http://www.kitlili.com/products/jane-dress-waves-in-black-and-ivory

would love to win the pink heart romper for a friend who is having her first girl.


melanie said...

I Love this dress:


I would love to win the owl romper in 3-6 mo!

mi3ragamuffins at aol dotcom

cdziuba said...

I like the Lila Dress with the Purple and Pink dots: http://www.kitlili.com/products/lila-dress-little-polka-dots-in-purple-and-pink

I love the Pink Hearts romper.


randio said...

love the fields of flowers romper, I would choose the Chocolate owl romper in size 3-6 mos

mogrill said...

LOVE the Chocolate Owl Rompers. Thanks for the chance.

Ashley in Wonderland said...

1. The Jane dress is SO cute, I wish I could wear it! http://www.kitlili.com/products/jane-dress-waves-in-black-and-ivory

2. I'd love a pink hearts romper :)

3. ashleybev[at]gmail[dot]com

Ms. Autumn said...


autumn398 @ yahoo.com

sweetsue said...

Thej ane dress waves in black and ivory is my favorite-so modern! If I won I would choose the pink hearts romper for my baby niece.
smchester at gmail dot com

Whitney said...

1- Love the lucie dress http://www.kitlili.com/products/lucie-dress-cherry-blossom-in-cherry-and-crimson
2- I'd pick the pink hearts romper
3- whitlump@gmail.com

Heather M said...

Like this

I would choose the Owl Chocolate Romper

hmahan_0529 @ yahoo dot com

The Jacobsen Family! said...

LOVE this dress http://www.kitlili.com/products/lucie-dress-cherry-blossom-in-cherry-and-crimson
I'd choose the pink hearts romper!
garyandalesha at cox dot net

Aisling said...

Oh, they have lots of darling things! The chloe top / chrysanthemum in black, navy and ivory is one of my favorites.

And I absolutely adore the owl romper in 3-6 months. Totally precious!

bkwrms78 said...

I like the onesie-mini dot in navy


I would like the Owl chocolate romper.

Anonymous said...

i like this one


id pick the owl romper


Angela G said...

I love the peace in grape romper.

I would choose the owl romper for my son!


Anonymous said...

1. http://www.kitlili.com/products/charlotte-top-waves-in-black-and-ivory
2. I would like to win the owl chocolate romper.
3.cmarquezxx at optonline dot net
Thanks for the Chance to Win!

fidget said...

my 7 yr old would look stunning in this dress! http://www.kitlili.com/products/lucie-dress-cherry-blossom-in-cherry-and-crimson

I like the chocolate owls best- i have a thing for bird prints

fidgetblogs at gmail dot com

piece of me said...

I love the Phoebe Dress! http://www.kitlili.com/products/phoebe-dress-chrysanthemum-in-black-navy-and-ivory
I would love to win the Owl Chocolate Romper.
livlifelov at yahoo dot com

Garner5 said...

My favorite item is the Apples in Cherry onesie! http://www.kitlili.com/products/onesie-apples-in-cherry

I love both prized but my favorite is the Owl Romper 3-6 months.

lisalmg25 at gmail dot com

Kristine Michelle said...

I like the Charlotte Top
I would like to win the Owl Romper in 3-6 mos.

Drew said...

I like the Floor Cushion in Chocolate
And I like the Owl Romper 3-6 mos
Pudyqat2 @ aol.com

Susan said...

I love the Kit + Lili Chloe Top


I would like the Kit & Lili pink hearts romper in size 6-12 months

Get-Ready,Get-Set,Let-G0 said...

I like this one.
I would get the owl romper 3-6months

alissa4illustration said...



alissa4illustration said...

1. Button: http://theapels.blogspot.com


alissa4illustration said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Naddez said...

I like the tote bags / large / big circles in cherry @ http://www.kitlili.com/products/tote-bags-large-big-circles-in-cherry.

I'd choose the onesie / owl in chocolate romper in 3-6 months.



Tylerpants said...

My fave is the pretty 'chrysanthemum in fuschia and crimson' chloe top!


I'd love the cute pink hearts romper in size 6/12 months!


jennifer57 said...

I love the cherry blossom dress http://www.kitlili.com/products/jane-dress-cherry-blossom-in-cherry-and-crimson

I would choose the romper / hearts in magenta

smitchathome said...

I like the stuffed monkey. http://www.kitlili.com/products/monkey.
The romper I like is the Hearts in magenta romper size 3-6 mos.

Sarah said...

I adore the flying birds in cherry tote bag: http://www.kitlili.com/products/tote-bags-large-flying-birds-in-cherry

I'd choose the owl in chocolate onesie - so cute!

justaddcharm at gmail dot com

carolpie said...

I love the http://www.kitlili.com/products/jane-dress-cherry-blossom-in-cherry-and-crimson which is the jane dress / cherry blossom in cherry and crimson. Our little girl would look gorgeous in this!
For our little man, I would chose the owl in chocolate. So very soft and cute! Thanks, this looks adorable!
carol at spencer1953 at gmail dot com.

FDP 4 Life said...

i love the tote bags / large / big circles in cherry

i would pick the pink hearts romper

susansmoaks at gmail.com

texaslady22 said...

1) My favorite product is the Chloe top http://www.kitlili.com/products/chloe-top-chrysanthemum-in-black-navy-and-ivory

2) I'd choose the own romper in 3-6 months, please.

3) brandi.westmoreland at gmail.om

Gianna said...


lilyk said...

I love the owl in chocolate floor cushion at http://www.kitlili.com/products/floor-cushion-owl-in-chocolate. Please enter me into the contest for the pink hearts romper in size 6/12 months. Thanks!


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