Gardin Clothing

Basics are the most important part of anyone's wardrobe. If you have the right staples than you can build a great outfit every time. We should all have quality tees and many solids stocking our closet. Gardin is a one stop destination to get well made basics for your child's wardrobe. Gardin uses the finest 100% cotton and sustainable fabrics available (including sustainable bamboo). Their tops are soft and provide the perfect fit for your child. I love their collection which gives you 3 different style options for boy or girl. Each style comes in additional color options. I love Gardin's color palette. Their unique shades are classic and elegant. You'll find your child wearing these basics more often than not. There is something to be said for understated style. Less is more - and at Gardin's prices you are sure to agree! You can view the full collection & shop online at Gardin. Make sure to check out the Organic Cotton Boy's Long Sleeve Polo - I am obsessed with this one. It fits amazing and it looks so timeless.Best Blogger Tips

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