Beauty Addicts

Beauty Addicts stole the award for Best Tinted Moisturizer. When you use their Mineral Sheer Tint it is all you need to look naturally beautiful. It gives you the coveted barely-there glow that looks so natural. It's oil-free, mineral based, ultra sheer and contains nourishing ingredients like Ginseng Root Extract and Vitamins A, C, and E. It comes available in 7 shades to provide you with a flawless look. I am loving the results it delivers and that I don't look like I am wearing makeup!

Beauty Addicts also has one of my favorite products called the GlimmerSheers. It's a duo of two shades that you can use on your eyes, face, and cheeks. I love the way the made my eyes look bright and glowing. The Glimmer is a soft luminous cream that gives of a subtle sheen and the Sheer is a crystal clear luminizer that actually hydrates your skin. I would apply the Sheer over my entire lid and then the Glimmer to my brow line and inner lid. The result was bright & glowing eyes.

You can get these amazing products and so much more from Beauty Addicts.Best Blogger Tips

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