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The Arrojo Round Paddle Brush earned our vote as the Best Hair Brush. Why? We were amazed at the difference a brush could actually have on our hair. It shocked us because previously we thought of all brushes as equal. Sadly, they aren't and the vast majority are nowhere near the level of Arrojo. The nylon bristles in this wonder brush helped detangle our worst knots without ripping out our hair. They smoothed out hair from root to end and left us with shiny, smooth, frizz-free hair. When we styled our hair with this brush and then went back to our old school brush it was beyond depressing. Invest in a brush that will not only last but will make your hair look it's best. Good tools make looking your best easy.

Arrojo also offers a wide range of hair care products. We felt the the Hair Creme deserved an honorable mention for it's impressive styling ability. We loved the way it could create two very different looks. If you apply the light creme before blow drying then it gives your hair a smooth, sleek look. However, if you apply the creme to damp hair it gives you that hot, tousled, slept-in look. We loved how it didn't weigh our hair down and how easy it was to use. Instant results with minimal effort. You can view & purchase Arrojo products by visiting Arrojo.Best Blogger Tips

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