Fireman Sam: Hero Next Door

Kids are fascinated with fireman - well....I am too when I think about it. There is something so intriquing about the brave ones who march into fire to save us. I love that Fireman Sam: Hero Next Door appeals to the obvious interest most children have in fireman and combines it with lessons in safety that could help save your child's life. Instead of feeling like a lengthy safety talk from mom they get to enjoy a fun story filled with useful info. My son retains everything he watches (scary) so it's good to load him up on something useful for once. The DVD deals with avoiding accidents in the home, basic fire safety, working together, how to handle a real livewire, and more. I love the part about the "joker soaker". Perhaps it's their accents but "joker soaker" has become one of our favorite phrases and I always see a big smirk on my face when that part of the DVD comes up. You can pick up your own at Amazon for as low as $8.50.Best Blogger Tips

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