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It has finally happened! Someone has found a way to make maternity & nursing lingerie sexy. Seriously. The collection from Cake Lingerie combines comfort, function, and serious sex appeal. Just because you are expecting shouldn't mean you can't feel attractive in your undergarments. I am glad to see an alternative to over sized stretchy panties and boring white nursing bras. You might even catch yourself wearing Cake Lingerie long after you are beyond pregnancy and nursing.

I was shocked to discover that these luxurious intimates were actually very comfortable. They fit your body just right and the cuts are so flattering. I love, love, love the nighties - like the Vanilla Kisses Night Slip and the Mixed Berry Camisole Set. I feel pampered and spoiled in these gorgeous pure silk creations. Every woman should own something that makes her feel pampered, special, and beautiful - especially when they are sharing their womb for 9 months.

When browsing the full collection of Cake Lingerie options you will struggle to pick a favorite from the deliciously named options. I am a fan of all of them from the Cookies n' Cream to the Raspberry Ripple. I had the treat of trying out both of these yummy sets and they are so gorgeous. I love the color combinations, the rich fabric, the flattering cuts, and the way they make sexy comfortable! I am currently still nursing and the nursing aspect of the bras was very functional but I didn't have to compromise on the appearance of my undergarments. Its nuts how much of a difference it can make in how you feel when you know you have a gorgeous matching set of undergarments underneath your clothing. It can definitely add some extra romance to your relationship.
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Uniquely Yours said...

Wow! Sign me up! I could really use something a little more sexy.

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