Virtual Families

Virtual Families is a fun game that begins with adopting a person from over 1000s of options. You then get to guide them through the aspects of their life - from marriage to children. I like how easy it is to play and the way this game runs in real time. When it is bedtime for me it's also nighttime for my virtual family. You can play doctor when your people are sick and you can also completely train your people. They will get random emails with events and activities. You'll also discover hidden puzzles throughout the house. I love the game. It is addicting. There is something too fun about controlling & watching the lives of the family you create. It is beyond impressive all the details that go into this game from lotto tickets to shopping at the family store. I especially love that you don't have to play it all the time to enjoy it. Instead of being a time consuming game it is an activity you can play in spurts. I don't have tons of free time but it works into my schedule easily. Virtual Families was a hit with my son as well. He didn't completely understand the game concept but he loved controlling the people and helping them do their chores. I know that as soon as he can read this game will be even more appealing to him - if he can get me away from it! Check out the video below to see a short demo:
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