Money & Making Change

This might sound a little odd to you but my son really likes to learn. He is so curious about pretty much everything and is really proud of any knowledge he attains. Rock'n Learn is one of our favorite companies for learning DVD's and more often than not he will pick their videos over his cartoons. He is really into money right now but can't quite grasp the concept of what is worth what. The Money & Making Change DVD does a really good job of explaining the concept. The fun songs and easy to follow learning exercises make the whole process easy for him to start to grasp. He isn't ready to invest in stocks but he does understand that a penny is less than a dollar and for an almost 4 year old - thats pretty good! The DVD is geared for children 6 but I was really impressed at how much my son got out of it. He frequently chooses to watch it and recently has started to sing along. Rock'n Learn has a wonderful collection of fun learning DVDs for your child. You can check them out here!Best Blogger Tips

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