Soak Wash

Protect the things you want to last. Your treasured hand knitted blanket, your frilly lacy bra, that special outfit your little on wore home from the hospital. Repeated washing can be tough on anything but especially the dainty fabrics. When you truly want to be certain it will stand the test of time the way to wash is with Soak Wash. When you wash your clothing in Soak Wash it doesn't need to be rinsed. The unique formula uses ingredients that revitalize fibers to keep your stuff looking brighter and lasting longer. My favorite thing about Soak wash is the scents. I have been washing my baby's blankets and his favorite stuffed animals. They end up smelling so delightful and looking brighter. Soak is even gentle enough to use on fabrics like cashmere! You can use Soak to spot clean too. I think this would make a great Mother's Day Gift. I would love to get several bottles in different scents and package them in a cute laundry basket with some fancy padded hangers and a note from my hubby promising to do the laundry for a week! You can get your own Soak Wash online here.Best Blogger Tips

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