Snuggin Go

I vividly remember watching my infant son's head bob around in uncomfortable positions when he was riding in his car seat. Even with the infant positioning head rest, he never really fit properly when he was younger. Snuggin Go is here to resolve the problem. It slides easily into your car seat and positions baby snuggly and safely. It has even been tested with car seats and it performed within the normal requirements for injury specified by the FMVSS 213 test procedure. The Snuggin Go will also help to provide the proper positioning for your child's airway. That alone will help parents to breathe a little easier! The Snuggin Go is made using memory foam which is not only comfy but it also displaces 4 pounds of pressure. The shoulder bar fits behind baby's shoulders and causes their chest to be pushed forward - which in turn opens the airways. The shoulder bar is even adjustable by sliding up & down till it fits your child just right!

You can also use your Snuggin Go for so many other uses. It will go in your high chair, your stroller, the baby swing, you can even use it for help positioning your child on the changing table. The minky fabric is not only extremely soft but the entire Snuggin Go can be washed (it has a removable cover!). One thing that we have been using it for lately is bedtime. When we position our son on the Snuggin Go he sleeps so much better. I realize that wasn't an intended use but for some reason the unique form makes him feel safe. We struggle so much to get him to sleep through the night and this is one of the few things that has been helpful for us! It's also been so helpful in the high chairs at restaurants that usually overpower my little one. He sits in the better and he doesn't look as though he is about to fall out the bottom. I am very impressed with the overall versatility and construction of the Snuggin Go. It is a product that will grow with your child and can be used for so many purposes. You can watch a video and check out the full selection of color options & prints at Snuggin Go!Best Blogger Tips

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