Minui HandySitt

This is genius. Hands down the best portable high chair I have ever had the privilege of using. The Minui HandySitt makes mealtime so much simpler! This Danish designed high chair is lightweight and easy to tote. The same Minui HandySitt will fit your child from 6 months to 5 years. It is extremely well made, handcrafted from FSC-certified Baltic Birch and steel - so you can actually count on it to last you for a very long time and for all of your children...perhaps even your grandchildren. It passes the baby lick test because all the paint & varnish is formaldehyde free and the plastic guard is without any phthalates.

The Minui HandySitt will fit onto most adult chairs and transform it into a child seat. You simply place the hooked top onto the chair and then buckle the strap around the bottom. It is very quick and easy to use. It even folds completely flat which makes storage a breeze. You can easily fit it wherever you would like, even fit into a suitcase for travel. We are always taking ours along wherever we go. It has become a necessity like a diaper bag for us and we keep it right next to the diaper bag. If you wanted to use it in your home instead of a bulky high chair it would be perfect as well. You can check out the Minui HandySitt site to be certain that it will fit your chairs from the detailed measurements & photos.

I love using this when we are eating out because it doesn't stick out into the aisle awkwardly like a high chair. It slides up to the table perfectly and doesn't create any obstacles for passerby. It makes my child feel like they are not separated from the table and it isn't covered in mysterious grime from the unknown children who used it before us. Cleanup is easy to do with this chair as well. Usually all we need to do is run a baby wipe over the sides and give it a good shake out in the parking lot. However if you run into a really big mess - all the parts are removable for easy cleanup.

If you have a child under 15 months you can get the baby cushion to give them a little extra padding and a better fit into the Minui HandySitt. They also offer a basic cushion. Some other cool accessories are available to go along with your high chair. They offer a travel bag to easily tote & store your Minui HandySitt. You can add a 5 point harness to your high chair if you have a really wiggly little one. My favorite accessory option is the Stand Alone which mounts to your HandySitt and turns it into a stand alone chair that can be used in your playroom, living room, well...basically wherever you want your child to have a chair. You can also choose your Minui HandySitt from a selection of 7 different finishes!

A good high chair can come with a pretty steep price tag and I have to say that for your money - the Minui HandySitt is the best deal. At only $149 you get a high chair that can go anywhere with you. A high chair that is easy to store, will last your child till they are 5, is extremely well made, and it looks really sleek. I LOVE the Minui HandySitt. I have no complaints. You can purchase one here and you can even watch a quick video of it in action below!
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