Metromint is delicious mint water. You won't find anything in each bottle except what you would expect - just pure water & real mint (no sugars or sweeteners). Metromint uses mint grown pesticide-free in Washington and then blends it with water that has been purified using reverse-osmosis. They even make sure that the bottling process is perfect because they bought their own bottling plant. Each bottle of Metromint has a freshness date stamp laser etched into it.

Not only is Metromint committed to bringing you a high quality and pure beverage it also has made sure to bring you a delightful flavor! There are 6 different mint varieties to choose from - my favorite is the tangy lemonmint!

Metromint will also benefit your body. It will stimulate your nerves sending a cooling sensation throughout your body - this just might make a hot summer day a little more bearable. It will also soothe your stomach and can even help clear out your nasal passages when you have a cold. Mint can combat tension and ease aching muscles, making Metromint a great beverage for relaxing. Then there is the obvious benefit - minty fresh breath! How many drinks actually make your breath fresher? Perfect beverage for date night!Best Blogger Tips

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