Jazzy Toes

It's pretty tricky to keep a pair of shoes on your baby's feet and most of the time they would prefer to be shoeless anyhow. Jazzy Toes are really cute socks that create the illusion your child is wearing shoes. The adorable boxed sets come in styles like cowboy boots, decks shoes, loafers, and even mary janes. In each box you get 6 different pairs of non-skid socks. The elasticized ankle keeps socks where they belong and since the socks are sized so generously 0 - 12 mths & 12 - 24 mths - it really helps hold them in place. I love that I can purchase a box of Jazzy Toes for my baby and have it last for a whole year! Babies grow so fast that there is very little that ever lasts them that long. Each set of Jazzy Toes comes packaged in a unique ready to mail gift box. That means all you need is to add the address and a stamp and you have an adorable gift ready to go!

You can win a set of the Girl Sandal Jazzy Toes! To enter to win visit Jazzy Toes and then fill out the form below. The deadline to enter is May 28th at midnight EST. As always you can double your winning chances by becoming a subscriber to Now What Baby!

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