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This is one of the cutest books I have come across! My Very Own Name from I See Me is the sweetest way to teach your child their name. I love the idea of reading this to your child from birth. My son is just learning his abc's and he loved seeing his name spelled out through the story. It made him feel really special to have a book that was all about him. The illustrations are beautiful and the story is adorable. After I had only read the story to him a few times he would anticipate the animal that would be on the next page. He quickly began to associate the animal with the corresponding letter. This story is a very sly & smart way to sneak learning into a gift. It would make a touching shower gift or present for a new baby. It would be a hit with any child and a present that mom & dad will appreciate (no noise or batteries is a huge plus!). I See Me is full of great personalized storybooks for your children. You'll find beautiful customized wall art, plates, tshirts, puzzlers, and my favorite - the storybooks. If you have a little girl the My Very Own Fairy Tale book is a must have! They even have celebrity fans like Courtney Cox & Brooke Shields! Check out everything for yourself at I See Me and if you order My Very Own Fairy Tale or My Very Own ABC's before May 25th your copy of the book will be signed by the author, Maia Haag.

You can enter to win your own customized book from I See Me! To enter to win visit I See Me and then fill out the form below. The deadline to enter is June 11th and as always you can double your winning chances by subscribing to Now What Baby.

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