Dilly Dally Chic

My baby is a messy eater. You cannot feed him anything without it ending up all over him, sometimes even down to his feet. I have tried many a bib but none of them seem to be able to stand up to his food slinging ways. However, he has finally met his match with the Bibbie.It is one serious bib. What makes this bib so powerful? To begin - it is bigger than the average bib and it even covers the sides of your child's clothing. Secondly, the quilted fabric makes it ultra absorbent and then you can toss it in the wash. Thirdly - it is incredibly cute and it's reversible! You can choose from 8 different fabric combos. Dilly Dally Chic's Bibbie is perfect for mothers who are tired of having to change baby's outfit after every feeding. So look out messy eaters - Dilly Dally Chic's Bibbie has got your number.Best Blogger Tips

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