If you haven't baby-proofed your outlets there is no better time then now. Socket-Lockits are the first stylish option I have seen for preventing baby from making sparks. They have a huge array of options from letters to animals (even animal prints), polka dots to owls, flowers to nautical....the options are endless and you are sure to find one you would love to have in your home. In addition to the unique way Socket-Lockits makes child proofing a type of decor - they are also extremely safe for your child. They are made using non-toxic ink and use unique self-locking barbs that make it pretty much impossible for your little one to remove them! I tried them out and even my 3 year old was stumped as to how to remove them. He even resorted to using his plastic tools to try and hammer & pry them off with no avail. If they can keep my preschooler out I am a fan instantly!

2 lucky readers can win your own set of Socket-Lockits! To enter to win visit Socket-Lockits and then fill out the form below to enter. The deadline to enter is May 13th at midnight EST.
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