Australian owned & designed Skeanie's delightful collection of soft-soled footwear is perfect for your little one's growing feet. This mom created company was born out of a mother's struggle to find high quality soft soled footwear for her children. Pediatricians & Podiatrists recommend that your children wear soft soled footwear, so you can rest easy knowing that Skeanie's shoes have been created with your child's developing feet in mind. Their shoes have a soft genuine leather upper that gives little feet the the air & room they need to grow properly and the suede sole provides a strong grip.

I adore Skeanie's collection of shoes. Some of my favorites are the cheeky monkeys and the loafers. My son has the Cheeky Monkey in blue. They are easy to put on your little one and my son doesn't try to remove them as he does with the majority of his footwear. He seems to forget he even has them on and that leads me to believe they are very comfortable for him. They are well made and have held up very well thus far. Although my little man is not walking yet, he gives them a pretty good workout with his crawling. They don't slow him down in the slightest. My mom constantly reminds me that it is really important to make sure your child has good footwear as to avoid future problems. She tells me to put my money towards shoes before clothing where kids are concerned. You can rest easier when you buy your footwear from Skeanie and you don't have to worry about the price - you can get the pairs like the Cheeky Monkey for only $30. Skeanie now has a Director of Operations who is based in North America - so keep your eyes open because Skeanie is about to debut in the US!Best Blogger Tips

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