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Mimi & Maya have some of the most beautiful playmats I have ever laid eyes on. They are Mom created and born out of her desire for playmats that were lovely not cutesy. I love the gorgeous fabrics and the plush feel of the mat. They are very thick and you'll discover so many uses once you have one in your home. We use ours for tummy time, picnics, even toddler naptime. They are very luxurious and the fabrics are ultra soft. The playmats are backed in cozy ivory chenille and they are so padded that they still feel comfy on tiled floors. I am so impressed by the playmat my family got the chance to use. It is really large and gives my son ample space to play. It is also so beautiful and I am really proud to have it out in my home. When you order from Mimi & Maya they will even embroider your playmat for no extra charge. Just one more reason to love Mimi & Maya's playmats is how durable and well made they are. They are handcrafted using hidden quilting and top stitching to make the design modern & long lasting.
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