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With the arrival of spring comes the need for some fabulous tops and dresses. It's time to show shoulders and knees again and I for one am very excited! Any excuse for new clothing is great with me. Shop Mamie has a unique collection of clothing that will keep you from looking like the rest of the pack. Their collection has been well chosen by the best friend duo. The fabric feels great and the clothing is built to last. Even better than the spectacular style if the price. The clothing can actually fit into your budget!! Right now they have some really adorable dressed and tops. I am loving the chic dresses they have to choose from and make sure to check out the Oxford Tube Tunic. I absolutely love that one!! Although the cute Shop Mamie top I am wearing below is no longer available in the same print - you can get a similar style top with a different print if you love the flattering cut as much as I do. The empire waist hides the tummy area (my struggle) and it move with your body. It is comfortable, light weight, and it still has a bit of sexy in it with the low v neck. This is definitely a top I put on when I want to feel confident and feel comfortable at the same time. So take a moment to visit Shop Mamie and discover some clothing you will not be able to pass up.Best Blogger Tips

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