Almost every girl I know does it. We tear, rip, and clip articles that we like out of magazines. I used to try to organize mine into notebooks but the notebooks kept getting bigger and the process became overwhelming. With the help of an innovative program called Scanalog my clippings are neatly organized and easy to find. Scanalog allows you to scan in whatever you want and then store it in an organized manner. The program has been divided into categories like decorating, travel, and family. You can divide it from there into even more subcategories and attach keywords to each clipping you scan. You will no longer be frantically searching for that parenting article about bed wetting or celebrity hairstyle you want your stylist to give you.

In addition to the helpful way it allows you to store your clippings it also has some bonus features that have become very addicting to me. There is a section that you can record your books in - whether it be a wish list of books you want to read one day or a list of the books you have read - it could even be both. I am constantly running across books that I am dying to read and then I forget the titles. If you enter them into your Scanalog then you will know right where to find them when you finally have a free moment to catch up on your reading. A similar section for entering catalog info is included as part of your Scanalog. Instead of holding on to bulky catalogs you can enter the item number and the catalog it came from - then when you have some extra spending money or a bday comes up you can find your wishlist in one tidy location.

Perhaps my favorite surprise feature with Scanalog is the journal. I haven't kept a journal since middle school but now that I have this easy to update computer version I have become addicted. I use it to not only jot down thoughts from my day but also to right down memories that pop into my head. It is a great way to record your children's milestones or that silly thing they just did. I love the idea of going back to this as I get older and reading what happened the year before on that same date.

An organized life is a much happier life where I am concerned. I am very thankful to the inventive mother behind Scanalog for giving me a very helpful organizational tool and for freeing me of a great deal of paper.Best Blogger Tips

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