Polliwalks are back

I have been a fan of Polliwalks since the moment I saw them. They are the perfect way to make wearing shoes fun for children. They combine fantasy with comfort. Plus your child can put them on without your help and during a rushed day that can be a huge help. My son LOVES his Polliwalks and he was really excited when the new styles arrived for him to try out. He had just outgrown his original pairs and was definitely begging for some new pairs of Polliwalks. Now you can get pairs that do even more than just look cute. The Firefly Polliwalks actually light up when your kids jumps and plays. They also leave behind a buggy print as your child walks through water or sand. Don't worry about them getting dirty because all you have to do is wipe them with a baby wipe to clean.
Sometimes we just toss them in the sink and spray them off when they are really dirty. The new Fish Lips are sandals that have lips that change colors when the suns UV rays hit them. They even come complete with an elastic strap that you can add to help your child keep them in place. My son has no trouble keeping his on though. Moms you can actually toss these in the washer on the gentle cycle!! What did my son think of them? He loves to watch the lips change color and these have quickly become one of his favorite pairs of shoes to wear because he likes being able to wiggle his toes (his explanation). Whatever the reason your child will love Polliwalks. They are full of fun & imagination and the light weight material makes them so comfortable for their little feet! Check out all of the fun styles at Polliwalks to find the animal style your child will fall in love with and also enjoy the sequel to the original Polliwalks review video below.

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AJacobsen said...

I entered a Polliwalks contest here (and blogged about it), but I am sure the deadline said April 21. Is that an older contest and this is another one, or did you extend the deadline? I'd love to enter this, but don't want to end up doing it twice! =)

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