Plain Tales

It's hard to find time to read books to your children on a busy day filled with errands but now with the help of Plain Tales you can listen to fantastic stories wherever you go. We enjoy listening to the stories in the car and even use them at night after we read our books together. Honestly, they bore me to tears and I thought that Connor would instantly be begging me to turn on a movie in the car. However he kept saying how much he liked it and then preceded to enjoy it for the entire car ride. An added bonus...Plain Tales soothes my baby to sleep. Turn it on and then he falls asleep in his car seat. It even helps us out as we put him to bed at night. Plain Tales are available with several different stories from The Gingerbread Boy to stories about raccoons & explorers. This father created series is a great way to introduce inspiring, encouraging, and educational stories to your children. Visit Plain Tales today and start building your collection!Best Blogger Tips

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