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KangaRoom Storage is filled with creative and cute was to organize your world. Organization is the best way for me to stay sane. If everything is in it's place and there are lists all over the place than nothing will be forgotten or lost. I am loving the Joey & Jane Days of the Week organizer. It has helped save my sanity many a morning. On preschool days we are a hot mess at our house. Somehow getting out the door by 8:45 is like rocket science for us. I'm sure most normal parents would hang this helpful organizer in their child's closet but we have ours in my closet. When I do the laundry I separate out 5 outfits and then place them in the organizer. Now Connor can get dressed while I'm getting dressed. This works much better than me running into his room and helping him while I'm trying to get ready. We kill two birds with one stone. Plus dad can help too! The Days of the Week organizer comes with days of the week & activity labels (also some blank labels too). The versatility & easy to change out labels will let it continue to grow with your family. It would serve so many purposes. You can organize after school activity materials, craft supplies, or you have a cubby for each member of the family to store items they need to grab on the way out the door. It easily velcros around a closet rod and it is really durable.

Another favorite of mine from KangaRoom Storage is the Sorting Hamper. This makes laundry so much easier because it lets your kids do some of the work. You can use it to teach your child to sort whites & colors or you could use one side for each child. The two windows on the front are easy to slide in labels for whatever you prefer. It's just the right height for your little ones to reach and the sturdy design also folds up for easy storage. It collapses so small that I will actually take it with us when we travel. My favorite aspect is the way the mesh bags inside of the hamper velcro in place. When one side is full you can easily remove it and tote it to the laundry room without moving the hamper. I really like the way it lets your children get involved in the work and it's cute to boot!

The prices are right and the selection is awesome! Visit KangaRoom Storage to find some creative and adorable solutions for organizing your child's spaces and it's not just for kids -they also have a large selection of ideas for organizing your stuff as well!Best Blogger Tips

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