Bibi & Mimi

Usually when it comes to baby socks I avoid them at all costs (I hate how they always fall off), meaning my little one is usually dressed in footie pajamas. However Bibi & Mimi have just freed my little one from a life full of rompers. Their baby socks are so stinkin' cute he would be wearing them even if I had to duck tape them to his feet. Fortunately for his delicate skin they stay on very well and I am able to skip over the need for any adhesive. If I had a little girl she would be wearing the BabyJane baby socks are cuter than shoes and they are so much cheaper. They even come in pastel too! Boys are not forgotten - they also have some really cute options that would work for either sex - like stripes, dots, moods, camo, sneakers, even Garden of Eden Fruits & Zoolicious Animals. My favorite pair of baby socks are the weekdays. Now I can keep up with which pair he should wear each day and even remember when he wore that pair crammed in my diaper bag. Plus the vibrant colors are so cute and the fabric is soft, durable, and washes well! The little box that the baby socks come packaged in make them an even more adorable gift idea! Bibi & Mimi also offer lots of other fun options like shoes, onesies, and diaper bags. Check out the full selection by visiting Bibi & Mimi today!Best Blogger Tips

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