Bedtime for Frances

Bedtime is the hardest part of my day. Getting two children to go to sleep is my downfall. Connor will fight me tooth & nail and Jackson just screams & screams. It can take well over an hour and by the end I am so worn out - I go straight to bed. Bedtime for Frances is a really great DVD & book combo to help get your young one on the right page for bedtime. Bedtime for Frances is a classic tale that originally debut in 1960 and has even received the award as a "Notable Children's Book". Frances has a personality much like my child - filled with imagination and expressing herself through music. The DVD contains 3 different fun animated stories. My favorite is the bedtime story of course. We really like to read the interactive read-along book as we watch the video & as part of our bedtime routine. It doesn't solve my bedtime problem but it does help a great deal. If nothing else- Bedtime for Frances is full of classic values, enjoyable to watch, and appropriate for the entire family. Try it out for your family and see if it's as popular with your child as it is for mine.Best Blogger Tips

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