Baby's Little Log Book

Keeping up with a new babies eating, pooping, and sleeping schedules can be rough. Especially on a new mom with very little sleep. Baby's Little Log Book takes a lot of the guesswork out and gives you an easy to fill out book to track all of baby's activities. I tried to record everything in a spiral notebook and it was a pain. I pretty much gave up all together because I would forget to record everything. The little log book has a spot to record time, eating notes, sleeping notes, and track the diaper. At the end of the day you can just tally everything up. They even have a line at the bottom of each page that you can write down milestones - like first smile or first laugh. Perhaps it's just me but just having an organized book to record info makes me much more inclined to keep up with everything. It's like when my house is clean one I keep it cleaner and when it becomes an out of control mess I just give up. Having Baby's Little Log Book is like starting out with a clean home. It is so much easier to manage. When you scroll to the back of the book you will discover other helpful sections like baby's visits to the doctor. Filling this out will be much simpler than trying to keep up with all those little charts the doctors give you and then you will have all your records in one spot. It lets you record height, weight, head circumference, and percentiles. It also has room for questions for the doctor (write them before you go so you won't forget like I always do), notes, and immunizations received. You can even record the date of your next doctors visit. In addition to this helpful section there is an area for mommy's lactation notes, mommy's pumping log (so helpful for nursing mothers!), and important numbers & info.

Baby's Little Log Book will not only help keep you sane when it comes to keeping up with all things baby - it will also turn into a pretty neat keepsake. You will have all of baby's activities from birth including trips to the doctor all in one cute little book. I wish I had this when my boys were first born and I plan on using it from day one when I have another little bundle of joy!

You can win your own Baby's Little Log Book. Visit the website here and then fill out the form below. The deadline to enter is May 30th and as always you can double your winning chances by subscribing to Now What Baby!

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