Babycakes of Scottsdale

OMG! I have NEVER seen a diaper cake that looked like this. It is so ritzy, fancy, beautiful, high-class, couture, chic, and I could go on and on.... Here is a present guaranteed to impress and be unforgettable. Babycakes of Scottsdale has some of the most incredible diaper cakes I have ever set eyes on. I actually expect to see presented to a queen at her baby shower. They come available in 1 , 2, or 3 tiers and are stuffed with practical but still beautiful goodies for the new baby. I want one but I don't want to ever take it apart...it can be the centerpiece on my dining room table. So pretty. You can look at the picture below to see all that comes inside this fabulous diaper cake. The prices are a little high but if you and your gal pals went in on this together it would really be such an amazing gift for an expectant mom. I'm not pregnant now but for all of my buddies reading this - I want one the next time I have a baby. Please get me one!!

If you're not searching for a diaper cake there is still tons of gorgeous items for you to purchase from Babycakes of Scottsdale. I love the beautiful fabric options with the soft striped terry backs. They are high quality and elegant. You can also check out a huge selection of items from clothing to tiaras, diaper bags to toys, they even have some seriously adorable decor! So get shopping and check out Babycakes of Scottsdale today.
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