Sun-dried Green Clay Face Pack

What: Sun-dried Green Clay Face Pack ($11)

Why: Detox for your face! Draw out the toxins to reveal your skin's glow. It's even gentle enough for those of you with sensitive skin. All you have to do is blend with a little water & apply.

Where: Raw Gaia

Wow: Green clay has so many great benefits for your skin - it helps relieve dry skin, inflammation, spots, skin congestion, and even fatty deposits. Raw Gaia's green clay is extremely effective because it has not been heat treated or chemically processed - it's chock full of it's natural minerals!

Thoughts: "I loved how this felt on - it actually has a warming effect. Once I washed my face and saw the results I could tell that my skin looked brighter. After a few uses it even began to fade the spots that past breakouts had left on my face. I have since made this a weekly relaxing ritual!" (Melissa)Best Blogger Tips

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