Sink Freshener

What: Very Vanilla Sink Freshener ($3)

Why: I hate when my sink develops that mysterious odor. A stinky kitchen scent can ruin a perfectly delicious meal and destroy the homey feeling of your kitchen. All you need to do is mix it with a sink full of hot water and leave it in until the water cools. Your drain & sink are suddenly filled with a pleasing aroma and the whole room smells yummy again!

Where: Ten Digit Creations

Wow: Not only does it kill yucky smells but it will clean your sink when it's done. Two products in one - plus they have a great variety of scent options to choose from.

Thoughts: "It works fast & well. Gone is the icky aroma and in it's place is my favorite scent, vanilla!" (Melissa)Best Blogger Tips

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Ten Digit Creations said...

We love using our Sink Fresheners also! Thank you!

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