Rescue Me

Rescue Me Acai Berry Anti-Aging Serum ($95)

Why: This miracle serum uses the acai berry to make your skin look younger, more radiant, and healthier!

Where: Organicare

Wow: It actually uses pure concentrated acai berry which is well renown for it's age fighting abilities. The acai berry stimulates the production of both collagen & elastin. It also contains vitamins B & E to help repair damage and leave your skin looking brighter & firmer.

Thoughts: "It goes on nice & light, leaving you shine free. My skin feels great after I put it on!" (Ashley)

"I've heard so much about the acai berry that I just had to try this one out. I was really impressed by how much of a difference I saw in a really short time. It makes my skin look so much more vibrant." (Melissa)Best Blogger Tips

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