Pink Guava Pomegranate Lotion

What: Pink Guava Pomegranate Indigenous Silk & Shea Butter Body Lotion ($14.40)

Why: This shea butter lotion is thick, creamy and quenches dehydrated skin. Pomegranate is an anti-aging fruit filled with antioxidants. This lotions will help tone, encourage skin renewal, moisturize, repair, and all the while deliver valuable nutrients to skin. My favorite ingredient is the goat's milk - it improves skin tone and makes your skin feel SO soft. Lastly - there is even silk added to bring a new meaning to the term silky soft.

Where: Shea Terra Organics

Wow: It's paraben free, has no artificial fragrances, and is 99% natural. It's nice to be able to use a lotion that you know is made with only high quality ingredients and is perfectly safe for your body!

Thoughts: "It smells like candy and is super thick & creamy. I love the pump because it is so easy to use!" (Ashley)Best Blogger Tips

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