Mulitfruite Regenerative Face Cream

What: Multifruit Regenerative Face Cream ($16)

Why: You've gotta love this natural vegan moisturizer that has been specially formulated to battle the signs of aging. If that's not reason enough - the smooth texture feels great and the refreshing smell is energizing!

Where: Bella Lucce

Wow: It has the perfect light refreshing smell that sort of reminds us of grapefruit. It uses a blend of fruit extracts to function as natural alpha hydroxy acids(AHA's). Why do you want that? AHA's have been clinically proven to boost new cell growth by more than 20%. So say goodbye to your old dead skin cells and hello to the more radiant you!

Thoughts: "I have pretty much loved everything that I have tested from Bella Lucce. This didn't disappoint. I instantly noticed results - my skin looked healthier, brighter, and the moisture lasted all day!" (Melissa)Best Blogger Tips

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