The Extra Virgin Collection

What: The Extra Virgin Nail Polish Collection ($8)

Why: This polish is made to last with it's durable, long-lasting formula. Easy to apply - it gives you streak-free color that resists chipping. Plus their exclusive formula is free of harmful ingredients like formaldehyde, DBP, and Toluene.

Where: Dashing Diva

Wow: This special line of Nail Polish was created with your little one's safety in mind. If your kid should ingest the polish - it won't be harmful in any way. You might be thinking that your little girl is unlikely to develop a thirst for pink nail polish but are your sure she won't chew on the nails that are decorated in that polish?

Thoughts: "I feel really safe using this nail polish when I'm pregnant because if it's safe for a child to eat then it shouldn't be harmful for me to breathe, plus the colors are so cute!" (Krystal)

"This nail polish is budge proof. My toe polish is always chipping off but I used the Dashing Diva polish over a week ago and it still looks like I just had them painted." (Ashley)Best Blogger Tips

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