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"Please, not again." - I love to read to my son but reading the same book over and over again gets tiresome fast. The Tag Reading System from Leapfrog will happily take over your reading duties for a little while. Want to hear the story for the 100th time that day? No problem. Tag is happy to do it & unable to complain.

Long car rides bore my son and leave him with no choice except to cry "are we there yet" on repeat. Usually I would resort to showing him DVD's in order to maintain my sanity but the Tag Reading System will actually keep him entertained for much longer than you might think. I feel much better because he is doing something beneficial to his mind, plus for an added bonus he can use headphones and I can listen to quiet. Quiet is under-rated.

The Tag Reading System uses a electronic pen to read your child stories. All you have to do to use is install some software on your computer and then download the books that your child has and chose to add them to your Tag Reader. It is very simple. Quick. Once your child has gotten new books you just download & add to your Tag Reader. It can hold about 4-5 books at a time. The really cool thing about this device is that it makes reading fun & interactive for your child. They not only get to hear the story but each book has different games they can play. For example a book might have you search for letters or characters. You can even track your child's reading progress online and learn details about the skills they are learning from each book.

This system is such a gift to any child because reading is so important! It's difficult to make reading interactive & fun for some children and this is a awesome way to show them the excitement in reading. Although the recommended age is 4 - 8, my 3 year old LOVES this and he uses it all the time. I am frequently surprised by how much he picks up from the stories. We have actually made a chart to track his good behavior and when he gets to 10 stars - his prize is to pick out a new Tag book. You can choose between book options like The Little Engine That Could, Olivia, Fancy Nancy, and even Green Eggs and Ham. You would be amazed at how hard he works to earn this and how quickly I realized 10 stars might be too easy.

Check out the commercial below to get a glimpse of the Tag Reading System in action. I am a big supporter of anything that finds a way to make learning fun and Leapfrog has certainly accomplished that!
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