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Delectable delights from Das Foods will leave your mouth watering for another morsel. The collection of bite size caramels couldn't be more perfect with Valentine's just a few short days away. I myself would much rather receive candy than flowers and I have the waistline to prove it! Perhaps it's because these delicious caramels are made from 100% natural ingredients, no preservatives or artificial flavoring, but they have made a caramel lover out of me - before tasting the rare flavor I was not a fan of anything caramel other than a drizzle in my piping hot cider.

I had previously determined that salty & sweet makes the best combo - usually mine consists of pretzels with jelly beans but with the help of Das Foods I have upgraded to their caramel collection. Das Foods adds a divine sprinkling of their rare Fleur de Sel salt all the way from Brittany to each caramel creating the perfect balance. Available in 8 flavors ranging from choices like Dark Chocolate Toasted Walnut Caramel or the Orange & Honey Caramel. Need I say more? You know you are already craving one!
Don't finish your checkout at Das Foods without adding some of their exotic salts! All natural & unprocessed, these scrumptious salts are just what you need to transform your meals from bland to titillating, Before I had tasted Hawaiian Black Lava Salt and Hawaiian Alaega Sea Salt, I had no idea that there was a difference from one salt to the next. Trust me - there is a huge difference. Although it felt a little strange to have my salt be black or red, the flavor quickly silenced any confused doubt in my head. Yummm.....who knew the purified organic charcoal could create the perfect flavoring for my steak & sushi? Who would have thought that rich red Hawaiian clay would not only have health benefits but also make my boring lunch salad superb? Das Foods also offers 3 other fabulous salts to choose from, as well as a wonderful collection of unique & invigorating lollipops. Without further taste bud teasing, proceed to Das Foods & enjoy!Best Blogger Tips

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