The Shoulder Stroller

An over the shoulder boulder holder! OMG - I still can't get over the sheer weight of my 6 month old's car seat. While my muscles may be bulging, it is exhausting lugging that thing around. Why is it that my baby seems to weigh SO much more when inside his car seat? The car seat alone doesn't seem that heavy.

Aching arms and sore muscles can rejoice in this cool new product! The Shoulder Stroller makes running errands so much easier. Often I run places like blockbuster or my son's preschool and I am without the luxury of a shopping cart to plop my heavy car seat onto. Yet it is such a pain to take my little guy in & out or to load & unload the stroller. Thus, I am stuck lugging this bulky carrier and trying to keep up with my purse & 3 year old. Thank you Shoulder Stroller for not only freeing up my hands but providing me with a way to better distribute the carrier weight!

Basically you just pull the carrier handle into the locked position and insert the shoulder stroller under the handle - then you buckle it together. It takes seconds to do and then it will evenly distribute the weight throughout your body. The top of the Shoulder Stroller even features a comfortable foam shoulder pad. It does an amazing job of making the load seem much less cumbersome, although it can still get heavy if you use it for a long shopping trip. This is perfect for running errands!

You can choose between 4 different colors - blue, pink, black, or khaki. It is just the right size to store in your purse or diaper bag. I keep mine in the back door pocket so that it is easy to grab & use as soon as I take the car seat out. I probably use this product at least 5 times a week and it has made the weekly video run so much easier. I absolutely dreaded lugging the carrier, my purse, holding movies, and deterring my older son from pulling every movie off the shelves. Now I have two hands free to keep grasp on all the things that need to be held...including my 3 year old's hand.

You can purchase your own Shoulder Stroller for only $20! If you are expecting a child soon be sure to add this to your baby shower list. Just think how heavy your growing belly is becoming and then continue to double it on a monthly basis, now picture trying to carry that around on a daily basis. See my reasoning? Just add it to the list next to crib.Best Blogger Tips

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Amber said...

This looks really useful! My stepdaughter just had a new baby AND has a 3 yr old too, I'm sure she can relate!


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