Blueberry Fusion Scrub

What: Blueberry Fusion Scrub ($36)

Why: This organic blueberry facial scrub is rich in anti-oxidants and leaves you with silky smooth complexion. The smell...oohhh...the smell it is deliciously fabulous.

Where: The Body Deli

Wow: They actually blend fresh blueberries to make this exfoliating skin food. Bio-active fresh cells and all natural fruit acids are combined to make a combination that leaves your skin glowing and rejuvenated!

Thoughts: "I was initially attracted to the bright pink color but was really surprised by just how much I liked it! The light grit exfoliates your face without irritating and it has a vicks like peppermint quality that leaves your skin feeling really nice." (Hanna)

"This is a really gentle scrub. It smells fresh and feels smooth. After I used it my skin was very soft & not at all irrritated." (Krystal)Best Blogger Tips

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