It was bound to happen eventually but I had no idea it would hurt so bad. Yesterday was the first time Connor told me fists clenched, that he "just hates his mommy". Ouch - now I know how I made my mother feel and Mom, boy am I sorry. All I did was send him to time out for disobeying. I guess this is to be one of the first in a long future of angered outbursts from my oldest son. Karma is a b**** as they say. I was definitely full of hateful screams in my youth. Connor is very similar to me in how he deals with his feelings....so I can take heart in the fact that I know he doesn't mean it but is struggling with a way to express his anger.

We had a short heart-2-heart about it. I told him to please not say he hated me because it makes me really sad. He looked crestfallen and instantly gave me a hug. Connor is all emotion. He can be so full of anger or overflowing with love. Perhaps I got through to him or maybe I will hear it again the next time he visits time out. Too soon to tell but at least he showed remorse and the hug did go a long way towards repairing the verbal assault he sent my way.Best Blogger Tips

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