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TranquiliT has a fantastic collection of Eco-luxe clothing that is perfect for yoga and so much more. I found the clothing to be both incredibly comfortable & extremely flattering. Designer Kimberly Wilson is doing her part for the environment but using eco-fabrics. All of the fabric used is either organic cotton or bamboo. Bamboo is great for keeping moisture away and it is luxuriously soft.

Even more impressive than the eco-fabrics is the long list of amazing contributions TranquiliT gives back to the environment. Every time a shipment is sent out they actually plant a tree to help offset the emissions caused by sending the shipment. All of their products are made sweat shop free and sewn in the USA. They even donate a percentage of all profits to Tranquil Space Foundation, a foundation that is dedicated to helping bring leadership, yoga, and creativity to women & girls.

TranquiliT has a selection of creative tops, dresses, and pants that I instantly fell in love with. I love the flattering cuts and smooth feel of the fabrics. My absolute favorite is the versatile Hoodie. The flowing fabric can be used in a variety of ways and I love how slimming it looks when you just let it drape in the front. The clothing available from TranquiliT is just right for any woman with an active lifestyle. You'll feel comfortable, light, and elegant. I gave up wearing anything uncomfortable the moment I had children and I am thrilled to find that you can have comfort without wearing sweat pants!

Below are a few pictures of me modeling some items from TranquiliT. Make sure that you take a moment to view the whole selection at TranquiliT and to pick up some for yourself!

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