Now that's Lush

There is something so romantic about the gifts from Lush. I am obsessed with the Strawberry Feels Forever Massage Bar! To use this bar you just warm it between your hands until it becomes until it becomes the consistency of melted butter -which is perfect for massaging your one & only. This massage bar also works as a great moisturizer. I love the light floral scent and the fact that it's made with real crushed strawberries and then infused with a hibiscus flower. If you enjoy giving or receiving a luxurious massage - this is a fabulous find for you!

If you're looking to find a great gift that even comes tied with a black satin bow and wrapped in a sparkly red box......you're in luck because Lush has you covered. Their True Love Gift comes with everything you need to have a relaxing, romantic night together. You can pamper each other with the 6 products in this limited edition gift set. What can you find inside?
  • Sex Bomb Bath Bomb- This jasmine scented bath bomb will turn your water pink and release rice paper rose petals. Just add candles and a class of wine to create a very romantic evening.
  • Soft Coeur Massage Bar - Shaped like a heart and scented like light chocolate & honey this massage bar will keep things moisturized and full of romance. It melts into the perfect consistency for a exotic massage.
  • Honey I Washed the Kids Soap - A Lush bestselling soap (and I can tell why) this honeycomb looking soap has a calming effect on sensitive skin. The hint of orange in the scent creates a reviving aroma and after washing with this your skin will feel soft, smooth, and hydrated. You might have to share this one with the kids but not until you try it first of course.
  • Vanilla Fountain Bath Bomb - Inspired by french desserts and getting it's delightful scent from real vanilla pods with a touch of burnt caramel. This bath bomb will not only dissolve to leave your skin ultra soft but it will smell a lot like a delicious creme brulee.
  • Honey Trap Lip Balm - This moisturizing lip balm had me at honey vanilla buttercream frosting....yummy! It is incredible at banishing dry & cracked lips, plus it leaves your lips feeling light. Apply to your pucker and kiss your someone special!
  • Marshmallow Moments Bath Melt - My personal fav is the delicious pink marshmallow bath melt. I love the delicate marshmallow scent, the way it looks like strawberry ice cream, and the amazing moisturizing effect it has on my skin. Not the mention how insanely relaxing it makes your bath.
Lush also has three other great gift sets that are perfect for Valentines - so make sure to check out the Nudge, Nudge, Wink, Wink Gift, the Happy Valentine's Gift, and the Hello Sailor Gift. Lush's products are made using fresh, organic fruits and vegetable & use only vegetarian ingredients. They also invent all of their own scents & make them fresh by hand. Lush cares about the quality of their products and because of this I have never been anything but thrilled with their products! Check out Lush today and pick up a fabulous Valentine's Gift and a little something for yourself too.Best Blogger Tips


jamaise said...

I love Lush. I used to look foward to Christmas gifts from my Mother -in-Law in the UK, there were always Lush products for me. I'm glad there's Lush US now.

sarah said...

i'm a huge lush fan as well. glad to see you are too! :)

fertawert AT yahoo DOT com

Anonymous said...

I LOVE LUSH! I've been dying to go shop there. I have to hurry because all the Christmas boxes are 75% off now! I need to go before they're gone...

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