Good for the environment & for your wallet!

I for one am beyond thrilled to find a toy company that is not only is making a huge effort to care about are environment but one that has eliminated the need for batteries! O - Thank you, thank you, thank you! I am still amazed at the sheer amount of money I spend on batteries. I spent well over $35 just for batteries for the Christmas toys. From an environmental standpoint, I was shocked to realize that only 2% of batteries are even recycled....I guess I shouldn't have been that shocked though - seeing as how I have never recycled a battery. Shame on me!

Back to the point - the toys from Ecotronic don't use batteries and they still light up & make sounds. They work much like that hand crank flashlight you might have bought just in case. I was amazed at how long the toy would work after you cranked it for a mere minute or two. We played around with the Eco Rocket and my son was really into it! I thought the bright colors & lack of battery power was pretty awesome. He thought the way it counted down and lighted up to blast off was really cool. My son loves things that light up. His other favorite part was the little hatch that opens on the rocket. He had to find a little character that he could send up into space. Currently the Eco Rocket has become an essential part of his elaborate train setup. You take a train ride to the space station and then you can go for a ride on the Eco Rocket (you do have to have a ticket, but he will sell you one for the low price of one M&M).

Ecotronic has 8 cool toys to choose from like a Penguin Torch & a Eco Mic. The toys are all packaged in bio-degradable packaging which uses nothing but recycled paper. The package is free from all those annoying wire twist ties and hard plastic. Finally a child's toy that I can actually open (when did you start needing a screw driver to get a toy out - why are they so worried about a child opening a toy?)! So do your part for the environment, your wallet, and give your little one a really cool toy - check out Ecotronic!

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