Shi Shu Style

Here is a gorgeous alternative to the typical baby blanket. Shi Shu Style has blankets that are the ultimate in luxury. These baby blankets are hand woven and incredibly soft. The bamboo/cotton fabric is not only snuggly soft but it is also free from all unnatural & chemically treated fibers. Wrapping your baby in only 100% natural fibers is a great way to ensure nothing will irritate his sensitive skin. I love the bamboo because it is not too heavy or thick to use during the summer but it still keeps you warm in the winter.

You can choose between 4 colors for your Shi Shu Baby blanket and once you get one of these your going to be so jealous you'll end up ordering one for yourself. Yes - Shi Shu Style also makes an adult version of their luxurious blankets! Another great item perfect for baby this holiday season is the Baby Snuggler a smaller version of the Shi Shu Baby blanket - just the right size for your baby to snuggle up to and carry along with them. Visit Shi Shu Style to pick up a hand woven blanket and cross another name off your shopping list!Best Blogger Tips

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jenny said...

thay are just too cute

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