Finally someone has made it possible for us to afford to buy organic baby clothing. Ikookie offers a wide range of options to clothe your little angel in and they are all 100% organic cotton. Even better - the price tag won't leave you facing sticker shock. I like to invest in a few fancy too-cute to pass up pieces for my little guy but the majority of the time I opt for something reasonably priced (remember this is clothing destined to be spit up and pooped on). It's nice to discover a place that dosen't force you to sacrifice quality for affordability.

You can get the sleepsuit above for only $9.99. See - I told you it was well priced! You can also get snapsuits for $8.99, diaper covers for $3.50, hats for $4.99, blankets for $4.99, and even yoga pants for $9.99. This is not all they have available but you get the idea. Ikookie is the perfect place to purchase basic organic baby clothing. Why buy organic? It's free from contaminents like nickel, lead, heavy metals, and pesticides. Plus it's really soft, higher quality, & good for the environment. Visit Ikookie today to stock up baby clothing just in time to be a holiday gift for your little baby!Best Blogger Tips

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jenny said...

this tee is just 2 cute

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